How can your business benefit from Twitter


When opening a business the dream of the business owner is to run a successful business. When it comes to marketing new businesses and small business owners do not have the revenue for marketing on expensive options like TV commercials, billboards, and newspapers. Using social media for marketing allows a business to cut marketing costs while reaching a bigger customer. Promoting a business on Twitter along with other social media, and buying twitter followers has been a topic that is quite popular among small business owners all the way up to corporate America.

  • Building a reciprocal relationship with other businesses by sharing your expertise and learning from their experience.
  • Sending and receiving up-to-date information within your businesses industry.
  • Increase visibility of your company in people’s minds.
  • Allows you to build a personal relationship with consumers beyond face-to-face interaction
  • Promotion and sales reach more of your customers at a click of button.

Consumers are able to access information at the tip of their fingers with smart phones you have the capability to Google search the second a thought comes to mind. Having your business on Twitter you allow your readers and your consumers to be able to know what is going on with your company with the click of a button with notifications often times sent directly to a smart phones, tablets, and even personal computers! With a smart phone, businesses have access to their Twitter feed within seconds allowing for in the moment updates relevant to your customer and industry.

WARNING ALERT: If you are a business owner and do not have a smart phone, GET A SMART PHONE; it is the most valuable tool for any business in today’s marketplace especially if you’re using Twitter, I don’t think I need emphasize the importance of technology for business.

Keep in mind that if you are using Twitter to promote your business: DO NOT use automated messages this is a twitter no-no, if you are please go on and change your settings. Not only are you annoying your followers but often times you will end up losing followers.

Twitter is the must-have social media tool for the business owner who is constantly on the go, for example a professional organizer who was meeting with clients throughout the day and working with clients in the evening probably doesn’t have the time to sit at the computer to market their business or to necessarily meet with other marketing professionals. More often than not word-of-mouth, referrals from the phone book, and the basic customer base sales from craigslist is the little marketing that the professional organizer has time for. Twitter allows for the business owner on the go to be able to give information to their followers in the moment when the business owner has time in between clients, meetings, or while picking up the milk on the way home from work. Also by using the various applications that Twitter has available a business owner can use customized searches from TweetDeck to gather more specified information on that particular business owner’s niche.

In addition to marketing sales and promotions, Twitter is a great platform to build rapport with customers and other professionals in the industry as a subject matter expert by sharing your expertise while learning from the expertise of others in your industry FOR FREE. Did I fail to mention free?


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